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At Ly Gia Vien, we are dedicated to cultivating a dynamic environment that fosters growth and innovation within the culinary and bartending professions. We firmly believe in the transformative power of knowledge exchange, professional networking, and staying abreast of the latest industry trends. As such, we are thrilled to introduce our exclusive Events and Workshops space – a dedicated platform for professionals like you to broaden your horizons, refine your skillset, and connect with a passionate community of like-minded individuals.

Immerse Yourself in Cutting-Edge Trends

Our curated roster of events and seminars, encompassing coffee workshops, cocktail masterclasses, pizza-making demonstrations, and more, are meticulously designed to equip you with the latest trends, techniques, and insights shaping the culinary and bartending landscapes. We recognize the crucial role of continual learning and innovation in this dynamic field, and our carefully selected events, covering a diverse range of topics, guarantee that you remain at the forefront of industry developments. From exploring novel flavor profiles to mastering innovative cooking and mixing methods, our offerings ensure you stay informed and competitive.

Learn from Renowned Industry Leaders

Each event and seminar is meticulously led by esteemed industry experts and recognized leaders boasting extensive knowledge and experience. We meticulously select these individuals to ensure that bartenders and baristas gain access to the highest quality of instruction and guidance. Whether it's a celebrated chef, a renowned mixologist, or a distinguished culinary authority, our speakers and lecturers are committed to sharing their expertise, providing you with invaluable knowledge and equipping you with the necessary skills to thrive in your chosen field.

Embrace Experiential Learning

At Ly Gia Vien, we champion the power of hands-on learning. Our events and workshops offer a plethora of real-world experiences, allowing you to hone your skills and refine your craft under the tutelage of industry luminaries. Whether you participate in a cooking demonstration, a mixology workshop, or a wine tasting session, you'll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the practical aspects of your profession, gaining invaluable knowledge and expertise that seamlessly translates into your professional endeavors.

Forge Meaningful Connections

Beyond skill development, our events and workshops foster vibrant communities and facilitate the creation of enduring professional networks within the culinary and bartending spheres. These gatherings provide you with the unique opportunity to interact with fellow professionals, share valuable insights, exchange ideas, and forge strategic relationships with like-minded individuals. The power of building strong professional connections cannot be overstated, and our events offer the perfect platform to expand your network, collaborate on exciting projects, and explore new avenues for professional growth.

Become Part of Our Vibrant Community

By participating in our diverse array of events and workshops, including coffee workshops, pasta-making courses, and pizza-making demonstrations, you become an integral part of a passionate and supportive community of culinary and mixology experts. Our carefully curated program fosters collaboration, ignites creativity, and establishes a thriving professional space for shared learning and development. Whether you are a seasoned professional seeking further refinement or an aspiring talent embarking on your culinary or bartending journey, our events offer a welcoming and inclusive environment that nurtures your holistic growth and success.

Stay Informed and Inspired

We consistently update our events and workshops calendar with exciting new opportunities to learn, connect, and be inspired. We encourage you to regularly visit our website and follow our social media channels to receive timely notifications and registration information. Don't miss out on the chance to be a part of these enriching and transformative experiences.

Join us on a journey of knowledge, inspiration, and connection. Explore our Events and Workshops space, and unlock new possibilities in your culinary and bartending career.

  • <strong>BritCham The Great Awards & Gala Dinner 2024</strong>

    31 May

    BritCham The Great Awards & Gala Dinner 2024 6:30PM – 11:00PM

    Meet Ly Gia Vien at The Britcham's event - The Great Awards & Gala Dinner 2024. This exclusive event promises an evening of celebration, uniting enterprises, industry leaders, diplomats, politicians, and the esteemed British business community to revel in an atmosphere of success and luxury.

  • <strong>Vietnam Cocktail Festival 2024 </strong>

    14 Jun

    Vietnam Cocktail Festival 2024  3PM - 10PM

    The nation's largest alcoholic beverage exhibition returns with a fresh concept and a new name Vietnam Cocktail Festival 2024. Expect a range of innovative experiential activities and exciting prizes. Come and join to indulge in hundreds of tempting cocktails, expand your network, and foster valuable business relationships.

  • <strong>Vietnam Coffee Challenge 2024 - Ha Noi</strong>

    06 Jul

    Vietnam Coffee Challenge 2024 - Ha Noi 8AM - 5PM

    The Vietnam Coffee Challenge 2024, with Lý Gia Viên's companionship, promises to explode onto the national and international scene, opening up opportunities for exchange, learning, and competition for baristas across the country.

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