Urnex - Coffee & Espresso Equipment Cleaning Products

Urnex - Coffee & Espresso Equipment Cleaning Products

Unlock the potential in every coffee experience with Urnex, the cornerstone of professional grade coffee and tea cleaning. Experience the difference of over 80 years of dedicated craft that culminates in a product that's effortlessly reliable, consistently effective, and backed by global recognition.

Authentic Craftsmanship for True Coffee Connoisseurs

Behind every great cup of coffee lies a meticulous process that only true aficionados appreciate. Since 1936, Urnex has been refining that process, ensuring that the silent heroes of the coffee industry - cleaners and descalers - are not just effective, but are tailored to the unique needs of coffee equipment. With a meticulous dedication to purity and efficiency, Urnex does more than clean; it enhances the essence of every brew, helping baristas, manufacturers, and coffee shops alike craft coffee that stands apart.

Selecting Safety and Efficiency: A Formulated Approach

Urnex's legacy is more than a manufactured label; it's an ethos. Each formula is a product of extensive research, product technicians, and a team of chemists specializing in cleaning chemistry. It's why Urnex products can be found in traditional powder form, convenient tablet, or even liquid and capsule variants, each precisely tailored for a range of coffee and tea equipment.

Urnex's commitment to quality extends beyond the bar-top. With full-scale warehousing in the US, Asia, and Europe, we understand the global nature of coffee culture and are committed to making our products accessible around the clock and around the world.

Far More Than Cleaning: Partnership for Prosperity

Urnex isn't just a product; it's a collaborator. With a consultative and objective approach, we work directly with over 40 of the world’s premier equipment manufacturers, developing custom formulations specifically for their cleaning and descaling needs—building machines and products that are not just maintained but also optimized. It’s this commitment to partnership that has seen Urnex evolve as an essential ingredient for equipment longevity and peak performance.

Enhancing the Barista's Canvas

The extensive product portfolio means Urnex is always on hand to elevate the barista's art. Our materials and machinery testing ensure that using Urnex doesn't just maintain your equipment but prolongs its life. With each visit, your customers can be confident in the consistent quality and dedication to craft that Urnex helps you deliver.

When Safety Meets Performance

Technical specifications and usage guidelines are developed meticulously for each Urnex product. These are more than instructions; they're a promise to ensure safety and longevity for your equipment. With clear instructions and ongoing support, using Urnex is as safe as it is effective, every time.

The Choice That Coffee Professionals Trust

Join the ranks of the world's leading coffee equipment manufacturers, and let Urnex be the partner you can rely on for a pristine, performance-driven coffee experience. It’s not just a cleaner; it’s a commitment to an exceptional cup, every time.

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