Tre Spade - Kitchen Equipment | Kitchen Tools From Italy

Tre Spade - Kitchen Equipment | Kitchen Tools From Italy

Dive into a culinary experience rooted in heritage and innovation with the Tre Spade collection. Our brand essence intertwines a rich Italian history of fine taste and craftsmanship with the modern demands of precision and reliability in the kitchen.

Since 1894, Tre Spade has engraved its mark on the culinary world, starting with the aromatic journey of espresso and expanding to meet the evolving kitchen needs of a discerning clientele. A pioneer in designing ergonomic mechanisms for manual and electric kitchen tools, Tre Spade products reflect the ongoing quest for perfection and convenience. This dedication shines through the sleek lines of our renowned pepper grinders, meat mincers, and the unmistakable tomato squeezers that capture the essence of Italy's culinary art and make it your own.

What sets Tre Spade apart is not just the pedigree but ongoing innovation that keeps our products at the forefront of modern cooking. Beloved by home chefs and endorsed by professionals, our machines are not just machines – they are trusted companions in the gastronomic journey. Each item is crafted with this truth in mind: The greatest flavors come from tools you can trust, tools designed to elevate your creations with a touch of timeless elegance.

By choosing Tre Spade, you're choosing a true Italian masterpiece, an ally in creating magic in the kitchen. The legacy of Tre Spade isn’t just about the past, it’s about enriching your present and ensuring a flavorful future. Whether you're savoring the aroma of a freshly ground spice or indulging in homemade sausages, let Tre Spade be your partner in perfecting the art of taste.

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