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Introducing the resplendent charm of Stölzle Lausitz, a legacy etched in glass and whispered through the ages at the tables of the world. For over a century, our name has shimmered resplendently, an emblem of elegance and resilience that adorns the heritage of Lusatia glassmaking. Through the tempered fires of our founding, we sculpted a heritage that marries pioneering innovation with the artful craft of creating glass that is not just functional, but a celebration of the senses.

Stölzle's significance, both in history and for our global patrons, cannot be measured solely in glasses, decanters, and carafes. It lies in the bidding of a hand-etched story that speaks of your refined palate, your dedication to excellence in service, and your cherished tradition of hospitality. Delve into the Stölzle Lausitz philosophy, where every goblet, every vase, and every iteration of our portfolio is a symphony of taste design and visual appeal, carefully composed to elevate the nuances of your favored tipples.

Our commitment to longevity, revealed through the high-quality, lead-free crystal that glitters without compromise, is the foundation of a relationship that can endure. When your patrons clink their Stölzle glasses, they are not only privileged to a sensorial experience but in the grasp of a tradition that has outlasted challenges, revolutions, and reunions.

Where others follow trends, we imbue the legacy of Wilhelm Wagenfeld and the ethos of the Bauhaus movement into every stem and base, ensuring that form meticulously follows function. Glass, clear, and Stölzle, where our clarity of purpose meets your table's artistry. Whether it's a gathering at home, a wine tasting in the vineyards, or a luxurious gala in the heart of a bustling metropolis, choose the glassware as unique and steadfast as your own venture.

Take part in the legacy of Stölzle Lausitz, a story in the making, as we keep refining, redefining, and crafting the glass that hoists the true connoisseurs to higher standards. Raise the bar with Stölzle—where tradition, innovation, and emotion will never be out of style.

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