Molino Mininni

Molino Mininni

Discover the Heritage of Flavor with Molino Mininni

Uncover an artisanal secret that has been passed down through generations—the legacy of Molino Mininni. For over 140 years, we've been harnessing the finest South Italian durum wheat to produce semolina and re-milled semolina that have become a cornerstone of authentic culinary artistry.

Quality Rooted in Tradition

Molino Mininni's legacy begins with humble beginnings in Altamura, where the spirit of commitment and love for the grain was first sown by Pietro Mininni. What started as a modest milling plant has flourished into one of the Southern Italy's leading establishments.

Imagine the days of old, where millstones turned in harmony to produce the most sought-after flour. The ritualistic craft evolved with time, blending tradition with technological advancements that honor the legacy of "White Art". This dedication to both heritage and innovation is what bolsters the reputation of Molino Mininni in the modern culinary landscape.

The Taste of Dedication

Our commitment commences at the source, meticulously selecting only the best durum wheat to ensure that our products reflect excellence. Daily, we grind 480 tons with a precision that's as reliable as it is robust, a feat made possible by our state-of-the-art milling complex where tradition meets progress.

A key element of our craft lies in the storage of our raw materials. With our vast storage solutions, we maintain the essence of our wheat, from golden maturity to the refined grains ready for transformation. This uncompromising storage upholds the same standards of our product availability—always there when you need it, ensuring that our delivery aligns perfectly with your demand.

Crafting Your Culinary Journey

It is not just bread and pasta that Molino Mininni flourishes; we feed the connection between cooks, bakers, and the families who savor the results. The allure of a freshly made loaf with the rich aroma, the characteristic bite of an al dente pasta that's redolent of coastal hills—these are the moments Molino Mininni is a part of, defining celebrations and the everyday with the essence of genuine flavor.

For artisan bakers and gourmet chefs, Molino Mininni is a promise delivered each time. We are the silent partner in the kitchen, an ally who shares your drive for authenticity and perfection. Together, let us weave the story of taste, texture and tradition into the fabric of your creations, ensuring that every dish you prepare presents the best of Italy's culinary heritage.

Embrace the Flour of the Masters

Molino Mininni epitomizes the adage that the end is shaped by the means. Our legacy is etched in every grain, an ode to the craft and a promise of exceptional quality. With the power of 140 years’ worth of passion and proficiency guiding us, Molino Mininni is not just a producer of flour but a curator of experiences and an architect of memories.

Dare to embark on a journey with us. Experience the heritage of Molino Mininni—craftsmanship that encapsulates the Genuineness of Flavor. Make the masterful choice, and let Molino Mininni grace your kitchen.

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