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Introducing Italgi – the quintessential choice for pasta professionals worldwide. Beginning with a humble yet passionate vision in the heart of Italy, Italgi has evolved into an industry leader, renowned for its precision in pasta-making technology. Our professional pasta machines are not just tools; they're the embodiment of artisanal excellence, meticulously designed for the connoisseurs of authentic Italian cuisine.

Championing technology and innovation, Italgi's withstood the test of time, growing our offerings through relentless research and development. Each machine is crafted with the utmost care, designed in-house under the keen eye of our skilled engineers. We don't just produce machines; we engineer solutions, with many of our patented features setting the benchmark for the industry.

For the discerning pasta chef, Italgi's dedication to quality means machines that deliver consistent and superior results. The production process entails exhaustive testing and quality control, ensuring that every detail of our machines meets and exceeds the high standards set for them. And when it's time for operation, our specialists are the backbone of your venture, offering unparalleled on-site support, ensuring that your business runs smoothly, day in and day out.

But Italgi goes beyond just machines—it's a community. By partnering with Primo Piatto pasta school, we offer a holistic educational experience that equips chefs and entrepreneurs with the skills and knowledge to excel in the world of pasta. Our customer-first approach is evident in our consultative service, guiding new initiatives from the ground up and offering comprehensive training programs tailored to each unique need. Whether you're a seasoned chef or a forward-thinking industrial kitchen, Italgi is not just a purchase, but an investment into a legacy of excellence in pasta production. Take the leap and join the Italgi family—a community dedicated to shaping the future of pasta, one perfect batch at a time.

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