Hiroia - Smart Coffee Equipment for Coffee Professionals

Hiroia - Smart Coffee Equipment for Coffee Professionals

Embark on a transformative journey with every cup of coffee brewed using Hiroia's revolutionary smart coffee equipment. As an innovative subsidiary nurtured by Hario's century-long expertise, Hiroia seamlessly blends the art of traditional hand-brewing with cutting-edge Internet of Things (IoT) technology. This synergy ensures a consistently exceptional coffee experience, cup after cup.

Revel in the "New Connections in Every Cup" as Hiroia's products, crafted with precision since 2017, establish a new standard in the realm of coffee-making. The iconic V60 Dripper's lineage is honored through our advanced tools, fostering novel connections and enriching the coffee community's narrative.

Discover the full potential of your favorite beans with SAMANTHA and JIMMY. SAMANTHA, designed for coffee aficionados and professionals alike, elevates performance and optimizes brewing consistency. JIMMY adds unmatched versatility to your workflow, enhancing efficiency and simplifying excellence.

At Hiroia, our values are steeped in every product we create:

  • Connection: We go beyond integrating products into the digital world; we forge profound relationships with our customers through shared moments over splendid coffee.
  • Consistency: Our commitment to innovation is unwavering. We deliver superior customer service and ensure that every sip reflects our dedication to quality.
  • Learning: Curiosity drives us; experimentation propels us. By embracing both, we uncover breakthroughs that benefit not only our products but also the enriching learning experiences we share with our customers.

Step into the future of coffee with Hiroia—where tradition meets innovation. Here lies the intersection where every byte leads to an extraordinary brew. Taste the difference with Hiroia and redefine your connection to coffee today.

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