Hario - Coffee Maker From Japan

Hario - Coffee Maker Tea Maker From Japan

Crafted by the hands of time-honored tradition and innovative technology, HARIO products transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. With a legacy spanning over a century, Hario's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has remained unwavering. As the only manufacturer with a heatproof glass factory in Japan, HARIO brings you items that are as enduring as they are elegant.

Our distinguished past began with laboratory glassware production in 1921. Adapting our skills and expertise, we ventured into creating coffee siphons in 1948, leveraging the unique properties of heatproof glass. Today, our product range is as diverse as your needs – from coffee and tea items to microwave-safe cooking utensils and other kitchenware, each piece is designed with precision and passion.

Our dedication to environmental sustainability sets us apart. Since 1972, our heatproof glass has been manufactured without smokestacks, utilizing a revolutionary technology that melts glass using electricity instead of oil. This eco-friendly process ensures a pollution-free factory that doesn't harm the local environment while providing a comfortable workspace for our employees.

But what makes HARIO truly special is our promise of longevity. For over 40 years, we've been replacing broken or stained product parts, ensuring our customers' continued adoration for their cherished HARIO items. In this way, we foster a lasting relationship with you, built on trust and shared values.

Discover the magic of HARIO products and let them become your favorites. Savor delicious coffee or tea brewed to perfection; cook with our range of heatproof glass utensils that are as safe as they are stylish. Experience firsthand how HARIO enhances your everyday living and join us in our journey towards future innovation.

At HARIO, we don’t just create products; we create experiences that last a lifetime. Take a virtual tour of our factory or delve into our rich history to understand more about our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Embrace the extraordinary with HARIO – enriching lives for over 100 years and counting.

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