Everlasting - Professional Refrigeration Equipments

Everlasting - Professional Refrigeration Equipments

Imagine a symphony of precision and elegance, where every note is a testament to Italian craftsmanship - welcome to the world of Everlasting. Since 1956, this beacon of innovation has been harmonizing the art of culinary preservation with the relentless pursuit of excellence. Each Everlasting refrigeration solution is not just an appliance; it’s a promise of enduring quality, "eternally cold" safeguarding your most precious ingredients with unrivaled care.

Everlasting stands proud as a leader in professional refrigeration, catering to the discerning needs of the Ho.Re.Ca., Pastry, and Bakery sectors. Crafted on the pillars of innovation and craftsmanship, Everlasting products are a result of a continuous quest for avant-garde technology and a commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency.

The Professional Color line epitomizes Everlasting's dedication to aesthetics, marrying functionality with style to transform professional kitchens into spaces that inspire. This line shatters conventions, inviting professionals to showcase their culinary processes with equipment that is as much a visual statement as it is a testament to performance.

Everlasting’s history is steeped in family tradition, starting from Giovanni Guidetti's visionary inception to the Guidetti sons' technological renaissance. The company has evolved beyond mere refrigeration units to become an emblem of Italian excellence. Through exclusive reliance on Italian suppliers and internal management of every product's life cycle, Everlasting ensures meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering standard of quality.

But Everlasting isn’t just about preserving food—it’s about preserving the planet too. Their Green initiative reflects in high-energy-saving solutions and use of eco-friendly gases like R452 and R290. Each product is 99% recyclable, embodying the true spirit of sustainability without sacrificing performance.

Join the ranks of culinary maestros who trust Everlasting for their refrigeration needs. Experience the fusion of high-end technology, sustainable practices, and breathtaking design—an alliance that serves not just today’s needs but sets the trend for tomorrow's innovation in professional kitchens around the world.

Choose Everlasting because your craft deserves nothing less than eternal excellence.

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