C° Space - Culinary Studios

C° Space - Culinary Studios

C° Space's mission is to provide a professional and innovative environment for culinary professionals to excel in their craft. We strive to create a space where chefs, bakers, and coffee experts have access to the latest models and technology in commercial kitchen, bakery, and coffee equipment. By offering a range of services including commercial culinary photoshoots, workshops, education, and space rental for menu development or research and development (R&D) for food and beverage start-ups, we aim to support and enhance the creativity and skills of culinary professionals in Vietnam.

Our vision is to become the premier culinary studio in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, known for our high-end machines, exceptional services, and commitment to fostering creativity and innovation in the culinary industry. We aim to be a hub for culinary professionals to network, learn, and create outstanding culinary experiences for their customers.

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